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Never waste a crisis

It was nice to get a long message from my friend, trombone virtuoso and website designer Adam Smith on this rainy day. (Er…that’s not Adam in the photo.) Adam has helped me set up Phuket Music Scene and I couldn’t have done it without him. Thanks pal!

We both exchanged moans about the Phuket Music Scene being locked in the distant past of the 1960s and 70s (maybe 80s if lucky.) OK, older tourists born in the 50s might love to hear the Eagles, Johnny Denver and Bob Dylan, but there seems little interest in catering for those born in, say, 1990.

The problem is, as always, inertia, and I’m sure this post will provoke the usual negative comments we have come to detest so well (“…nothing is gonna change, … you’re wasting your time, …that’s what young people want to hear…” etc etc.). However, as I’ve always said, fortune favors the brave and never waste a crisis.

The music scene here may have been devastated by Covid, but this is a golden opportunity to make something of a new start. Maybe professional musicians in Phuket can be encouraged to play sometime….well… 40 years more up to date.

I admit I am stuck in the past too. I really don’t want to play Ed Sheridan or Justin Timberlake. I love Punk and hate Rap. In fact, some Blues songs I like playing are ninety years old! However, I’m retired and I don’t need to play for a living. But let’s help those who do because, God, don’t they need some at this time.

So here’s the plan…. Draw up a list of 20 well-known, up-beat songs in English from the year 2000 onwards and easy to play on guitar. Chord and lyric sheets can be put online somewhere to download with links to Youtube to really make things easy. I’m sure Jason Winder would play them on his radio show, maybe even in Good Vibes!

Surely it’s now the time to start moving on from the tired old Patong Songbook in favor of a Phuket New Millenium one.

But I just hope someone will keep playing Johnny Cash! (Photo)

© Andy Tong Dee

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