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Hats off to Adam Green!

I was heartened to read Adam’s post today on the Phuket Musicians’ Facebook page (see here). He’s trying to put a band together.

His post attracted the usual moaning Minnies giving their oh-so “wise” advice, saying “you’re wasting your time,” “you’ll need a work permit,” “you’ll end up in jail, fined” etc etc. They can carry on being the finest guitarists hiding in their bedrooms. We don’t need them. No one does.

I’m glad to say Adam seems to be giving them a stiff ignoring, just like I do. We need more musos like him. A lot more.

Sadly, Phuket’s Falang music scene has too many sad, frightened rabbits who do nothing except foul things up by constantly warning us about things we know about already. Adam is not one of them.


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