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It’s about time!

Finally, after several months, Phuket’s bars are now selling alcohol again with live music allowed until 10 pm. Phuket’s bar owners, staff and musicians have suffered terribly, and for what purpose?

“To prevent the spread of Covid” would be the answer from those who made this decision. Yet restaurants stayed open and were well attended. Surely they too should have been closed with only deliveries by Grab etc permitted? Does drinking alcohol and hearing live music make us more prone to catching Covid?

As usual, there was absolutely no logic at all to all of this. The anti-alcohol and anti-fun lobby run things here now, hence the failiure of the Sandbox scheme and another High Season devoid of tourists. Tourism will take years to get over this and it may never return to its glory days ten years ago. More and more silly complex laws and the constant flip-flopping in decision-making we have seen doesn’t help.

However, Phuket Music Scene IS here to help! We will try to keep you informed of any new developments as live music resumes.

And they are long, long overdue…..

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