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God, I hate Tech…

Well, I can’t put it off any longer… I’ve left it as long as I can, but with tourists likely to start arriving in numbers soon, I need a Social Media Strategy for Phuket Music Scene. ARRGH!

Can you remember the Dirty Harry film where the villain drives away, his car blows up, and Clint Eastwood says with a deadpan face and tired voice, “A man’s gotta know his limitations…” Well, mine is computers.

When I was about eight, the nearest computer was 30 miles away in Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall which had huge dishes trained on satellites. It was the size of a bus and stored information by cutting out holes on rolls of paper. The next nearest one was probably 120 miles away in Exeter University. Now there’s one in your coffee machine and…guess what? You can’t figure out how to work the ruddy thing. So I still use a push down cafeteria as nothing that way can possibly go wrong and I won’t get stressed and destroy anything.

But now I’m told I need to sit down in front of the home PC and increase Phuket Music Scene’s online digital footprint, whatever that means. I don’t want to. I’d rather be out in some bar listening to a new act or jamming with my friends.

However, it’s important we get music here buzzing again and all the information online is now well out of date with many venues permanently closed. My intention was to do something about this through Phuket Music Scene, to provide a one-stop information site for live music here for visitors. So I better not moan and just get on with it!

The heartening things is know I have friends who will help and who see the need for all of this. You too can help – join the PMS group, visit my Facebook page and be my friend, share stuff, etc.

Together let’s keep music live, and let’s get musicians making some money!

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