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Issan buffalo blues…?

I’m up in Issan at the moment for a few days with my wife. We are visiting her family in her home village of Nong Han outside Udon Thani. It’s nice and quiet, but a week is too long. There really isn’t much to do, not even if you drive 40km into Udon, except write daft songs on a phin. (See video here!)

I miss my cat and my friends and I miss Phuket, its bars and its beaches. But above all, I miss quality live music. We are so lucky here to have so many great musicians and bands playing. And we don’t know how lucky we are.

You see, I’m amazed sometimes at how empty a Phuket bar can be when you can hear a terrific band playing there. And it’s usually just over 200 baht for a beer and a decent glass of wine for Mrs Tong Dee (who’s even happy about the state of the toilets these days!). It’s got to be more about inertia than expense.

So come on everyone! Count your blessings, support our musicians, check out the Cool Venues page on here, join Phuket Gigs Tonight group, and maybe I’ll meet up with you out somewhere soon.

Hope so! 😎

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