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  • It’s a great time to buy guitars, even if you don’t play so well!

    This is a great time to buy a new guitar – the design and craftsmanship now is so good and fierce competition keeps prices down. Not only that, the guitar is still prominent  in modern music, despite what they said in the 80s about keyboards taking over. They didn’t…entirely… So here’s a shout out for […]

  • Hats off for Don Mangiameli!

    A few weeks ago, I was asked by a local agent I know to fix up a venue for a gig by legendary Bangkok Blues guitarist and singer Yamin. He was playing at a festival in Hua Hin and he wanted to play one gig in Phuket soon after. I had first seen Yamin play […]

  • It’s as much a project as a band…

    TONG DEE began in January 2022 when Kru “Roger” Rungould Bouthong started practicing with me regularly and working on original songs, some about Thailand. These songs presently cover subjects such as gun control, deforestation, cyber-bullying, road death, and war. However, I have written a couple of lighter ones to balance things out and keep the […]

  • Rock is not dead (yet…)

    I bet you are wondering who this is with the blue hair and boating jacket. In fact he’s a well known rock musician called Jack White, a man famous and loved for his quirky creativity with bands such as The White Stripes and The Raconteurs. He doesn’t usually look like this. Jack, like David Bowie, […]