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  • Dylan, in whose shadow we all must stand…

    I’m planning to sing All Along The Watchtower at tomorrow’s Coconut Rawai open mic night, a song I really love. Bob Dylan wrote it the same year (1967) that Like A Rolling Stone was written, a song I’ve played since I was a busker 40 years ago now. I played that one at the last […]

  • Something strange is going on….

    Yes, something strange is going on….. and wonderful. All of a sudden, open mic or jam nights are springing up all over the place, and I don’t know why. The Tuesday night jazz jam in Michelangelo’s Bar, Phuket Town, has now been joined there by some ad hoc Rock, Blues and Pop jam nights. The Coconut […]

  • Good luck Blaze!

    I was sorry to not have a chance to say goodbye to Blaze at the recent festival Lean on Me 2, but I was in the UK. It so happens I bid in a charity auction and got four guitar lessons with him for 1000 baht. Bargain! (..and God, don’t I need them!) But then […]

  • Hats off to Adam Green (again!)

    I’m just back from my month-long holiday in the UK, and I still have a bit of jetlag, but see I have not done a blog post for six weeks now. I’m so busy, but I’ve got to write something fast! Now I’m back home, I’m again closely following the ups and downs of my […]