Tong Dee

TONG DEE is more an original music project than a band. It all began in January 2022 when Kru “Roger” Rungould Bouthong and Phuket Music Scene’s Andy Tong Dee started practicing together regularly and working on Andy’s original songs in English, some of which are about Thailand. Andy taught Roger English before this for four months.

TONG DEE seeks to help Thai bands to write and perform their Thai original songs in English. This will hopefully help to make these songs more accessible and appreciated internationally. Consequently, you will find them playing and networking in Thai rather than Westerner – focused venues.

Roger is a professional drum teacher from Suratani, and he works for Yamaha Music School. He manages the Ozone band and plays with Phuket bands Gypsy Sun and the Moody Band.

Andy is a retired English teacher and runs a translation company with his wife Tina. Andy used to be a busker in the UK. In a similar but noisier style, he plays a hybrid open-tuned guitar with delay, avoiding the need for a bass player, as well as fills and solos on a harmonica on a rack. So Tong Dee, while a duo, is rather like a one-man band!

Roger and Andy hope to perform together soon at Thai music festivals and events at some point in the future, hopefully with some songs in Thai. They may invite some musician friends to support them.

You can watch a promotional video of them both playing here.