The Tuesday Jazz Jam

It may seem inappropriate to put a jam night down as one of our hot acts. However, the Tuesday Jazz Jam at Michelangelo’s, Phuket Town, has developed into the best jazz night on the island, perhaps even in Thailand south of Bangkok. So it deserves to be included!

It all started 20 years ago at Music Matter’s Jazz Bar not far away where there was a very successful jazz jam pre-Covid. Once restrictions lifted however, the event moved to Michelangelo’s for various reasons. It has since gone from strength to strength in its new home and should not be missed.

The main two personalities driving the event are Tom on sax and Ramil on keyboard who must be the two finest jazz musicians on the island. They are well-supported by drummers, bassists, a wide variety of soloists and the occasional singer.

So if you play jazz, don’t be afraid to bring along your instrument and join in the fun!