Phuket Town (Thai)

Just a short walk from Robinson’s department store is Ther, a very popular Thai music venue sitting on the edge of the Seahorse (or Nimit) Roundabout (Wong Wian Mah Nahm -วงเวียนม้าน้ำ). The fun starts early, at 6.30, with DJ Bee playing warm up tunes, both Thai and western, before one of the very talented house bands takes the stage at 7.30 pm. Bands play a mix of western and Thai (pop and hip-hop) to an enthusiastic clientele ranging from people in their twenties to sixties.

Juggling bartender “Top” adds occasional distractions if he’s feeling playful. Whilst there’s ample seating, it pays to get there early as the place does get packed to the rafters late in the evening, especially if a visiting national band is playing.

Plernchit, a similar and equally noisy venue, is only about 200 meters away and plays Thai pop. Plernchit moved there a few years ago from the old town. You will find some similar smaller venues nearby.

If you’re looking for a different style of music and venue, Sure Pub caters for lovers of phleng phuea chiwit, which is a type of Thai folk music, strongly influenced by elements of western folk and rock music. Sure Pub is found on the east side of the Takuapa Road canal south of Suzuki Big Bike which is at the south end of Takuapa Road.

The excellent four piece house band plays from around 8.30, with 3 or 4 lead singers taking turns throughout the evening. The seating caters for groups of all sizes, or go by yourself and bask in the music.   The venue also boasts an impressive jungle like beer garden next to the pub, with big screen sport and a wide-ranging menu of food which is also available in the pub.

Don’t forget to visit the Dibuka and Night and Day restaurants in Dibuk Road – good for Thai solo musicians, duo and trio performers and bands.

July 2022 Phuket Music Scene