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Everyone loves a free lunch!

The Phuket Music Scene (PMS) column in The Phuket News was started nearly two years ago to help professional musicians and live music venues with free publicity after the pandemic. The PMS website was launched soon after and then a Facebook group Phuket Gigs Tonight (PGT). This group now has 1100 members and is the go-to place for Phuket’s live music lovers. Website hits too seem to be increasing with tourist numbers.

Venues love free publicity, but there are bills to pay for the website. If PMS is to be a long term project, a revenue stream is needed and it seems only fair that the venues who benefit most should provide it.

It’s now the high season, the pandemic is over and venues’ revenue is now growing. Tourists numbers too! So venues now need to be a financial sponsor to post on PGT. They will of course get a mention on the website as supporters of efforts to help Phuket’s hard-pressed musicians.

PMS and PGT however, will always remain non-profit making. After website bills are paid, any spare money will be kept to help any professional musicians severely ill in hospital.

Thanks for all your support so far. Let’s continue keeping music live and let’s keep supporting Phuket’s musos!

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