The Grapevine Lounge is just two minutes’ drive north from Boat Avenue on the Bandon-Cherngtalay Road. It hosts some first-rate bands as well as an excellent Elvis impersonator!

The Beach Pig on Bang Tao Beach sometimes has live acts and the Siam Supper Club near Boat Avenue has its Monday night live jazz night performed by Boy and friends from the Bebop Bar in Phuket Town. It’s a terrific place for a romantic dinner. The Pepper Bar a few doors away also has live bands now and then.

Then there is the Mexican Bar and Restaurant in Boat Avenue in Cherngtalay near the Supper Club. It’s run by Anteo Quintavalle, an actor and screenplay writer, and Daniel Isberg, a retired Swedish celebrity chef who was once brave enough to cook for the notorious rock group Motley Crew. No doubt they ate their steaks raw!

Finally, while not strictly a live music venue, just across the car park in Boat Avenue is VK Performers Studio, a music, drama and dance school run by Mike Mitchell and his charming partner Vicki Kiely, a Dublin-trained actress and singer. Mike joined the Royal Australian Navy when 18 where he trained to play in its bands, winning every award available and the highest mark ever in the process. Leaving after four years, he then embarked on a glittering international career as a multi-instrumentalist in the music industry. Mike focuses on teaching students how to play instruments while Vicki teaches singing and drama, especially in her specially-designed and highly-successful children’s programs.

Mike is to be found playing mainly solo at the moment in Cherntalay’s local bars and restaurants such as Project Artisan. Look out for him!

July 2022 Phuket Music Scene