Boy Navio

Boy Navio is the Thai owner of the Bebop Jazz Bar in Takuapa Road, Phuket Town, the best place to hear jazz in Phuket, perhaps even the south of Thailand.

Boy opened the Bebop Bar a few years ago now, and it has gone from strength to strength. The bar is tiny, which adds an air of intimacy and excitement. You’ll see Boy there playing totally clean jazz guitar, with no distortion or note bending of course, because that is how you play jazz guitar. However, at the Lean on Me music festival in February 2021, his band played songs in a variety of genres. These included some pretty raunchy rock in which Boy contributed some stunning solos, surprising everyone!. So when it comes to guitar, Boy is very much an understated talent, or dark horse if you like, reflecting his quiet, unassuming nature.

While Boy plays regularly in the Bebop Bar, he also preforms at Siam Supper Club in Cherngtalay and at special events around the island, such as hotel opening anniversaries, birthday parties etc. While he doesn’t sing, he’s always teamed up with a terrific vocalist and other musicians. Don’t miss him!